French National Day

Each country celebrates a national holiday. In France too, one of the special days which they celebrate every year is the French National Day or Bastille Day. This special day is being celebrated every 14th day of July. This day is very significant for the French people as they commemorate the Storming of the Bastille which occurred in the country, mainly in Paris. It became a public holiday in France. That event led to rebellion especially when the Bastille was captured. This event occurred in 1789.

The French people celebrate this event through military parades, fireworks, concerts, and formal dance parties. Since the year 1880, the military are having a parade all throughout France as a way to commemorate the Storming of the Bastille. Some might be curious about the history of this event. Actually, it was not other foreign military troops who stormed the Bastille. It was the French people , specifically, the people of France who did it. They did it because of fear that  they might be attacked especially by the royal army at that time.

At that time, anyone will be put in prison on the basis of “signet letters”. Even if the reason is not valid at all for that person to be imprisoned, he cannot do anything to defend himself especially if he is a politician and has displeased the royal government in those days. When the people attacked the Bastille in that year, only seven were imprisoned and those inmates are not even politicians. Since 1880, the Bastille Day Military Parade is being commemorated every year.