French Military Academies

In order to train those who want to be a part of the military, there are military schools or academies that were established around the world. Anyone who wants to join in the Army, Navy, or Air Force can enroll in the schools or academies that offers these branches of military. In France, there are also military academies which includes Brest Naval Training Center, Camp Coetquidan, Ecole de I’air, Ecole de maistrance, Ecole des officiers de la gendarmerie nationale, Ecole de I’infanterie, and so on.

All of these military training schools or academies offers training to the future armed forces of the country. To those who want to be a part of the French  Navy, they can enroll at Brest Naval Training Center, Ecole de maistrance, Lycee naval, and Ecole Navale. If someone wants to be a part of the French Air Force, there are also academies for them where they can train in their specialty as a military. These academies include Ecole de I’air and Ecole militaire de I’air.

In France, the military academies were set up or established since the early 19th century. It greatly helped those who want to join the military being in different branches. Whether a person wants to join the Army or Navy or Air Force, he don’t need to worry  because there are academies that offers military training. Since there are those who want to devote their life for their country, the government is willing to give its full support to all of the armed forces.