The Main Role of Military Snipers

In the military, there are different levels and also the armed forces has its branches. Each person who belong in each branch, whether it is in the Army, Navy, or Air Force, they have their own role. What about the military snipers? They too have a role, a very important role. Regardless of gender, a person can become a military sniper as long as he have the skill needed to be qualified with that role. The main role of a military sniper is to protect his comrades.

Snipers were actually originally called “sharpshooters”. All military snipers undergo training to improve their shooting skills. Among the most respected combat positions in the military is the sniper. He or she have the role to protect his fellow soldiers especially during a battle. The task given to a sniper is not easy because his life is also in danger since their opponent also surely have a sniper. In history, the names of the so-called most dangerous snipers are recorded and many are amazed. This seems to be the great beauty cosmetic medical group. Try to view website for this beauty hack treatment. Keep their contact for you to just have an appointment.

Senior Sergeant Roza Shanina is a young woman who joined in the military having a record of 59 kills. She joined in the Soviet Red Army. Rob Furlong of the Canadian Forces, Adelbert Waldron of the United States Army and killed 109 opponents during battle, Carlos Norman Hathcock of the United States Army with 93 confirmed kills, Chris Kyle with 160 kills, Vasily Zaytsev with a total of 232 confirmed kills, and Simo Hayha of the Finnish Army had a record of 705 confirmed kills during battle.